Welcome to Virtual Voice! Our Weather Services The Virtual Weatherman™

We are a Caribbean based company which has been serving broadcasters in the United States with weather forecasting services and products since 1981. We have U.S. dealers in Fort Wayne, Las Vegas, Miami, and Pittsburgh.

Virtual Voice™ invented the art of real human sounding concatenated products for brodcasters over fifteen years ago. In that time our computers and software have aired tens of billions of weathercasts and bulletins from the South Pacific, across the US to the Caribbean and Europe.

Virtual Voice™ offers a full suite of web based weather services from audio weathercasts and severe weather bulletins for air to real time weather graphics for websites.

We maintain multiple dedicated servers in Arizona, Illinois, and Indiana in the United States to serve our clients with a 24 hour satellite connection to our assets and clients in the USA.

We can build complete websites, web applications and software through our partner, Xanadu Digital, that take full advantage of our weather graphics, data, and audio.

Automated Weathercasts - Exactly timed or floating length, live conditions, automate airing & control of any third party weathercasts, automate & control reports in your staff's voices, speak conditions from any weather sensors or site, automated delivery to any broadcast automation, control wording & design on-air in real-time from any web connected computer in the world.ases.

Weather Graphics - Animated and still weather graphics for websites, TV & cable, or staff

Listener Interaction Weather event based public & private mailing lists, mass e-mails of severe weather alerts, forecasts, images, and more. Mass cell phone notification of severe weather alerts, and weather forecasts

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Free stickys and graphics  are available, too! From live weather conditions from around the world, to satellite and radar images, to live severe weather lists and graphics.

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